Off the Vine Cellars offers the finest wine storage facility in Southern California. Our conveniently located, 50,000 square foot, insulated facility provides superior storage with state-of-the-art technology and security.


Tasting Rooms

Three tasting rooms and kitchen are available for events, free-of charge to members. Simply reserve your date and time, and get the party started. We can also quote after-hours help, party rentals and clean-up.


Every Off the Vine Cellar unit is free of natural light. Zoned lighting is programmed for activation by movement.

Protection & Security

State-of-the-art pre-action fire system in place, along with 24-hour video monitoring with backup. Card key access insures your wine is secure.


Private cellar units available to fit 48, 100+, 200+, and 1,000+ cases. Build-to-suit space also available for growing collections.

Temperature & Humidity

Computer-monitored refrigeration consistently maintained. Computer-monitored humidifiers work in collaboration with refrigeration units to maintain ideal humidity. Backup generator and refrigeration expert on call 24/7. Woven wire storage units keep air-flow consistent and prevents temperature fluctuation in cellar units.


Studies have shown that pairing wine with music can make the taste and experience more enjoyable. Because of this, music is played 24/7 throughout the Off the Vine Cellars. Your wine will enjoy the soothing tunes too.